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Drupal Workshop: Basic Configuration, Continued

Sharon Krossa
4 December 2009 - 2:00pm

This is the second in a series of hands-on workshops covering Drupal installation and development at Stanford. Bring a laptop and follow along!

Part 2 - Basic Configuration, Continued will pick up where Part 1 - Installing Drupal left off, going step-by-step through additional basic configuration of a new Drupal site.

Please Note: In order to follow along during the workshop, you will need to have ALREADY installed and configured a Drupal site in group or departmental AFS space following the directions from Drupal Workshop, Part 1 — Installing Drupal ( BEFORE the workshop. This takes about 90 minutes if you already have -admins privileges for the relevant group/dept AFS account. (If you need to request a new AFS group/dept account or get added to an existing account's -admins PTS group, it will take longer.)

There will be a limited number of temporary accounts available for use by attendees who cannot get access to a department/group AFS account. Please let us know if you will need access to a temporary account via this contact form: . Select the category "Need Temporary AFS Account Access for Tech Briefing" and include your SUNet ID in your message. Remember to request this far enough in advance to allow both time for account access to be granted (which may take up to 24 hours) and time to complete the preliminary installation and configuration (

Attendees who were given a temporary account for the Part 1 - Installing Drupal workshop may continue to use the same Drupal installation for Part 2. Remember, if you changed anything after the first workshop, make sure to reconfigure your Drupal site according to the Part 1 handout (!